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Guangdong Country Garden School
International Schools
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Reviewed by mlchan March 11, 2016
Last updated: March 12, 2016

Getting worse

I am a....
Expatriate teacher
I work in....
How many years have you worked at this school?
Approximate monthly salary
Other benefits included in the package
  • Accommodation
  • Education for your children
  • Flights to home base
Salary relative to cost of living in the area
Very high
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Very high
Professional development opportunities
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Overall job satisfaction
Completely dissatisfied
As a teacher, what are the major plus points for working here?
Students are amazing. They are well behaved and generally very respectful. Class management simply is not mandatory.
What areas do you feel are in need of development?
Administration, resources, transparency.
What advice would you give to other teachers considering working at this school?
Stay away from this school. It was before a very Chinese school which is expected from a school in a rural area in China. However, every year in the last 6 or 7 years it has gotten worse. 4 new international administrators were brought in and within a year only 1 is remaining. This year will see the biggest employee turnover I have ever witnessed. The remaining international principal is a dictator, who has made things worse. There are multiple counts of him using verbal abuse and misleading / flat out lying to teachers. There is more than enough evidence to prove this, please ask for emails of atleast 3-4 teachers so you can talk to them first before taking the job. This year, they actually lowered the salary of everyone who is coming back, furthermore, I was offered a contract which was signed by me and then later retracted by the international principal. His reasoning was that it was only signed by me and not by himself yet so therefore it was not legal. All of this happened in March, past the point of getting a new job. Please read all the reviews and speak to multiple teachers before accepting the job, also read the contract very carefully. We have to work 40 hours a week not including: time before 8 am, a 2.5 hour lunch period, and a 1 hour dinner period. It is totally normal for teachers to go home at 6pm and still get called in for missing hours. You must clock in and clock out after which you are accountable for your hours up to the minute and there is never any mention of overtime pay if you work over your weekly hours. Furthermore, expect to work atleast 2 evenings every week. We have meetings Thursday nights from 7:30-9 that are mandatory and someone just reads a PPT slide word for word in chinese or very poor english. The senior section has meetings friday evenings.

Don't believe anything the international principal tells you, he will lie and mislead you and then when you get here, he will turn on you and verbally abuse you.
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