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Shanghai Rego International School
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Reviewed by Teacher168 September 05, 2013

Not great but nice staff and good money!

I am a....
Expatriate teacher
Date joined
December 31, 1969
How many years have you worked at this school?
Approximate monthly salary
2800 Euros
Years of experience and responsibilities as a reference for the monthly salary
5 years as classroom teacher
Other benefits included in the package
  • Accommodation
  • Flights to home base
  • Medical insurance
  • Tax free
Salary relative to cost of living in the area
Very high
Are you paid on time?
Payscale transparency
Competency of management
Business owner ethics (if applicable)
Pressure to get high exam grades (if applicable)
Professional development opportunities
Career progression opportunities
Parental Support
Special needs support
EFL support
Overall job satisfaction
Not really satisfied
As a teacher, what are the major plus points for working here?
Good salary in an area with very low cost of living. Accommodation allowance of 6000RMB could afford you a big apartment in nearby area. I rented a 4 bed duplex with a rooftop for only 3700RMB and lived off the remainder. Some months I could save all my salary if I didn't travel! However school was in an industrial zone so not a very nice place and not many foreign bars around.

Staff are mostly recruited from the UK so its very easy to make friends and get along well with fellow teachers (if you are from UK yourself). Some teacher are a bit querky and some very lazy ones getting away without doing much work (including certain members of the management), but most are friendly and well meaning.

Class sizes are very good and students are very well behaved. The students have a bit of character too so classes can be a lot of fun here.
What areas do you feel are in need of development?
The location of the school was an issue. I think the school was built illegally in an industrial zone but was apparently kept open by bribing local officials. The owner of the school is an elusive hong kong billionaire with dutch citizenship, who on a rare occasion can be seen marching through the corridor on the way to accounts with slicked back hair and round spectacles. Anyway, the location was quite dusty and polluted. Not the nicest part of town by any means, but all of the students came from far away by school bus.

Finance was an ongoing issue with the school. Although pay was good it was often paid late and accommodation allowances often came late unless teachers got aggressive with the finance department. In which case they'd pay up. Teachers were all on different salaries as well. Some with huge bonuses and big salaries and some with smaller salaries and no bonuses. Typical Chinese business style there! While I was there, I changed contracts and the school kind of screwed me by refusing to pay me for August in the holiday between contracts. But the headmaster at the time found out and gave me 10,000RMB from his own pocket to see me through, which was a nice gesture, but shouldn't have een necessary and illustrated how the managers are always subject to the whim of the (very dodgy and elusive) owners.

Lack of professional development was a serious issue. No training was provided and this fact coupled with the relaxed attitude prevailing amongst many teachers in the school left some of the more conscientious teachers feeling dissatisfied and worried that they may be falling behind in their careers.
What advice would you give to other teachers considering working at this school?
Try to find a better job furst but by all means apply if you can't find anything else or you need the money! Also be prepared to work in a relaxed environment. Not much pressure and friednly kids but please don[t have high expectations of the management or the company owners. Make it very clear what your contract is before you come. Check it very very carefully, and don't stand for any nonsense if they try to mess you around! Good Luck!
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Written by ISA Staff
September 09, 2013
Thank you for your review. Honest feedback helps people make better decisions about their careers. We appreciate it!
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