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Guangdong Country Garden School
International Schools
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Quality of School Leadership 
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Reviewed by Guest December 17, 2015

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I am a....
Expatriate teacher
I work in....
Date joined
December 25, 2014
How many years have you worked at this school?
Approximate monthly salary
25,000 yuan/mo
Years of experience and responsibilities as a reference for the monthly salary
5 teacher
Other benefits included in the package
  • Accommodation
  • Flights to home base
  • Medical insurance
Salary relative to cost of living in the area
Are you paid on time?
Payscale transparency
Competency of management
Business owner ethics (if applicable)
Pressure to get high exam grades (if applicable)
Very high
Professional development opportunities
Career progression opportunities
Parental Support
Special needs support
EFL support
Overall job satisfaction
Completely dissatisfied
As a teacher, what are the major plus points for working here?
You can see China and explore.
What areas do you feel are in need of development?
More time off and fewer working hours. Teachers must work 40 hours during strange hours. Evenings happen sometimes. The administration is very bad and there are many bosses.
What advice would you give to other teachers considering working at this school?
If you are uncertified or just teaching to travel it can be good. Do not invest your career here for long. The environment is dangerous and random. I have seen people fired for no good reason. Power is applied randomly and to control speech. Chinese colleagues control everything including the white principals. People of colour are sometimes discriminated against by leaders and most leadership positions are given to men. Women and people of colour who got leadership jobs have been fired - it's rumored for trying to make a real difference. The experience here depends completely on who you get in the lottery of bosses and co-workers. Happy people do exist, but are a rarity these days.
It is very common to have multiple bosses with unclear roles at Country Garden and this leads to confusion. There is tension between foreigners and Chinese teachers in many situations. Lies from bosses are commonplace because pressure comes down on everyone to achieve. Positive results go unnoticed. Mistakes are punished but rarely communicated until contract renewal time when xxxxx talks to you. Gossip abounds with local teachers and there is no attempt at cultural sensitivity or understanding. This school is Chinese: plain and simple. Working hours from 11:50-12:30 and 5:30-6:30 do not count towards mandatory 40 hours. The Internet frequently goes out. There are no materials given for teachers to do their job. You will get emailed if your hours don't add up and the clock-in/clock-out 1984-style system has been known to make mistakes. Transportation is hard and scooters are dangerous.

---edited to remove names of staff
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