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Yew Chung International Shanghai
International Schools
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Reviewed by Guest September 08, 2013

A Mixed Bag

I am a....
Expatriate teacher
I work in....
How many years have you worked at this school?
Approximate monthly salary
25000 RMB (+20% Gratuity when you leave)
Years of experience and responsibilities as a reference for the monthly salary
3 years as classroom teacher
Other benefits included in the package
  • Accommodation
  • Bonus
  • Flights to home base
  • Medical insurance
Salary relative to cost of living in the area
Very high
Are you paid on time?
Payscale transparency
Competency of management
Business owner ethics (if applicable)
Pressure to get high exam grades (if applicable)
Professional development opportunities
Career progression opportunities
Parental Support
Special needs support
EFL support
Overall job satisfaction
It’s nothing special
As a teacher, what are the major plus points for working here?
Good location in expat district. Not too far from centre of shanghai. Good standard of living afforded from Salary and for single teacher, can save a fair bit of cash during your time here.
As a teacher, you are left alone to teach the syllabus how you wish. Not too many people interfering with how you do your job. Facilities are not bad. Owners (rich HK owners) will sporadically inject cash into the school and boost the resources.
Teachers from all parts of the globe. Australia, NZ, UK, US, Canada etc.. but there are down sides to that also. Clashes between teachers due to cultural differences are quite common and can be both frustrating if you're involved, but amusing if you're not!
Students are well behaved, although a large proportion of them are Korean and are only "doing time" in an international school so they can get easy credits for Uni back home. Their real studies take place after school in cram school academies. Therefore many of them lack motivation and will fall asleep in class.
What areas do you feel are in need of development?
Integration between the western staff and local staff is deliberately suppressed. The school must please local communist leaders and this involved keeping chinese staff separate from decadent western staff. But in practise you can still make good friends with them anyway...that's just a bit weird.
As with most Chinese businesses, the business ethics are very questionable. They claim to be non-profit and christian, but don't be fooled. Owned by a super-rich HK millionaire, it's all about the money and expansion of the business, with very little care for teacher welfare. There is no published payscale, and they will try to get away with paying you as little as possible, so don't take any nonsense from the HR department. They are a very slippery team.
Management is poor as there seem to be so many secrets and strange decisions, based on keeping influential people happy. In my opinion, it's only the hard work and conscientious teachers that hold the place together. But I would say that as I was one of them!!
What advice would you give to other teachers considering working at this school?
Like many international schools, it's not fantastic, but it's an easy life and can be a lot of fun working there. Kids are nice and just take the rough with the smooth and you'll be fine. Salary isn't bad in the end and you'll have a great time in Shanghai! Maybe don't take your kids there though if you're worried about pollution - and don't forget if you're gonna move to China, you better learn a bit of Chinese. It will help enormously ;)
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