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Yew Chung International Shanghai
International Schools
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Reviewed by Guest September 08, 2013

Bizarre but interesting place

I am a....
Expatriate teacher
I work in....
How many years have you worked at this school?
Approximate monthly salary
21,000 RMB per month after tax and before bonus
Years of experience and responsibilities as a reference for the monthly salary
2 years experience beforehand
Other benefits included in the package
  • Accommodation
  • Bonus
  • Education for your children
  • Flights to home base
  • Medical insurance
Salary relative to cost of living in the area
Very high
Are you paid on time?
Payscale transparency
Competency of management
Business owner ethics (if applicable)
Pressure to get high exam grades (if applicable)
Professional development opportunities
Career progression opportunities
Parental Support
Special needs support
EFL support
Overall job satisfaction
Fully satisfied
As a teacher, what are the major plus points for working here?
I met some of the most interesting and bizarre fellow teachers of my life here and still keep in touch with the closer friends I made here. Expats to China in general tend to be an interesting sort as they tend to be quite adventurous, social and want to explore what Shanghai has to offer. I was sent on IB training in Greece for a week and IGCSE training in Kuwait and gained valuable experience teaching these curriculums which I had never taught before. You could go down to Human Resources and ask about the overall pay scale if you so chose, however the money we made was excellent so I never bothered. The apartment they set us up with was beautiful and quite big. Many of the teachers lived in the same area which made meeting up easy. The management was pretty trusting of it's staff and left them to their own devices for the most part. The area was pretty and the subway system is extremely convenient and inexpensive. The pay was very good at the time although I'm not sure how good it is now since inflation in Shanghai is a lot more than before. I loved my time at this school and in China! I honestly haven’t had as nice an experience in a school or area ever since.
What areas do you feel are in need of development?
Leadership was lacking and constantly changing among the higher positions. The 'welcome back' orientation that all teachers had to do every year over several days was mostly a complete waste of time, and only something you'd need to do the first year instead of every year.
What advice would you give to other teachers considering working at this school?
I believe it was a great experience, especially for staff that had less experience and a lot to gain.
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Written by ISA Staff
September 09, 2013
Thank you for your review. Your thoughtful comments will be useful for other ISA members.
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